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Linkia Trust is a corporate services provider to individuals or corporations wishing to register offshore companies, trusts and foundations. We are specialists in advising and co-ordinating the complete process. The range of services that we provide is listed below:

Legal and Fiduciary Services

We will deal with all the legal aspects of the formation of a company in all jurisdictions offered. These include:

  • Incorporation of offshore companies
  • Submission of all documents to Registrar of companies and tax authorities where applicable
  • Notarization, apostile and legalization of statutory documents
  • Provision of nominee shareholders and directors
  • Provision of registered office - Preparation of minutes

Secretarial & Administrative Services

The full range of secretarial services is available:

  • Day to day company administration
  • Preparation and follow up of transfer instructions
  • Virtual Office/telephone handling
  • Management of all correspondence (handling and writing of)
  • P.O. Box Facility
  • Fax Service

Virtual office

We are in a position to offer a customized virtual office service which gives the opportunity to an offshore company to minimize costs. This service includes the following:

  • Corporate Business Office address
  • Business Phone number
  • Business Fax service
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Mail collection and forwarding
  • Office and conference room facilities
  • I.T. services

Accounting & Auditing Services

We take care of all aspects of accounting and auditing including;

  • Statutory audit of annual financial statements for submission to authorities
  • Preparation of accounting reports to suit your particular requirements
  • Preparation and submission of VAT return
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with international finance reporting standards
  • Bookkeeping

International Tax Planning

We advise on the utilisation and benefits of double tax treaties, international trusts, inheritance and estate planning.
We provide assistance to clients with the setting-up process in order to form the right company or trust structure. We can provide a full management service to meet the statutory requirements of that company or structure. We also undertake the administration of the structure on an ongoing basis.

Banking Services

We have formed close relationships with major banking institutions in the jurisdictions offered. The banking services that we offer include the opening of :

  • corporate and individual accounts
  • deposit and notice accounts

Offshore Trusts and Trustee Services

What is a trust? It is an arrangement by which property is transferred from one person (the Settlor) to another person (the Trustee) who holds the property for the benefit of specific people (the Beneficiaries). The terms and conditions under which the Trustees hold the trust assets are set out in a Trust Deed which also outlines the rights of the Beneficiaries.

Before deciding to set up an offshore trust it is important that you obtain advice and guidance from an experienced consultancy firm to ensure that you create the most suitable trust in the most appropriate jurisdiction to meet your requirements.

Advantages of an Offshore Trust:

-Wealth protection

An effective way to protect ones assets is by creating a Trust., since any assets transferred to a trust are normally no longer considered to be part of the Settlor’s property.

By creating an offshore trust the burden of property ownership is shifted onto the trustee. At the same time the benefit of the property, remains with the beneficiaries.

When a trust is registered in an offshore jurisdiction where the residents of that jurisdiction are excluded from receiving benefit from the offshore trust, then no local taxes are applicable to the assets and income of that trust.

The assets which can be placed into a trust can include anything which can be legally transferred, like:  

  • Bank deposits
  • Securities
  • Property (real or intellectual)
  • Antiques
  • Life assurance policies issued on the life of the Settlor
  • Companies

-Tax planning

An offshore trust that is set up and managed in the right way could lead to savings in taxes (income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax) .

  • Recognised in all common law jurisdictions
  • Can be tailored to specific needs.

-Services offered

  • Advice and guidance
  • Establishment and administration of an offshore trust
  • Provision of Trustees and related services
  • Accounting and maintenance of asset ledgers
  • Reporting and filing required

Permanent Residence Permits

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  • Greece
  • Hungary